5 Ways To Maximize A Small Space

5 Ways To Maximize A Small Space

Small spaces can be a decorating challenge. If you are down-sizing from a larger home, it can feel especially difficult to find ways to adjust to the smaller environment. But small doesn’t need to mean cramped.

Here are 5 ways to maximize your small space and create a room you love.

Use Multi-Purpose Pieces

Sofa beds or murphy beds, ottomans with storage and bookshelves are great furniture choices that are all considered multi-purpose pieces.

Downsize The Furniture

Use furniture tailored to smaller spaces. If a bedroom only accommodates a Full Size Mattress, avoid putting in a King Size Mattress where there is no room to walk on the sides of the bed.

Use Mirrors And Lights

A bright room will always make it feel larger than it is. Change out light bulbs to bring more light into your space. Place mirrors on walls opposite windows, so the light can reflect off the mirror and around your room, making it brighter.

Monotone Colors

Use a simple lighter colored palette and subtle tones to add interest without distracting the eye. This will give the appearance of your room appearing larger.


Remove extra items in each room to keep them from seeming cramped in a smaller living space. By utilizing a few simple design tips, your small space can provide years of living enjoyment.

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