Can We Talk About Bathrooms

Can We Talk About Bathrooms

This is another one of those areas in a home where my buying clients are either totally impressed or completely turned off, and the majority of those feelings begin and end with how clean the bathrooms in a home actually are. Most buyers don’t mind if they have to change out the knobs on the cupboards, switch out a light fixture, put in new faucets, or that the paint color isn’t exactly the shade they would have selected, but uncleaned bathrooms more times than not, turn off buyers to where they simply stop considering purchasing a particular home.

What Can You Do As A Seller

If your home is on the market, or when you decide to put your home up for sale, it is so important that your bathrooms sparkle and shine for each and every showing you receive. The sink and vanity area should be free of clutter and not have hundreds of bottles of products, makeup and the like covering every inch of this area. Most buyers open medicine cabinets and cupboards to see how much storage they actually would have to work with, so stuffing everything in the cupboard or closet only to have it fall out all over the floor when buyers open doors, leaves them with the impression that your home lacks storage space. Take an hour and organize these spaces. You can use pretty covered boxes to put your products in and stack them neatly in the cupboard or closet. It sure makes a much better impression on buyers!

Clean Is The Name Of The Game

Clean, clean, clean is the best advice I can give to mine, or any sellers for that matter. No one wants to walk into a bathroom and imagine taking a relaxing bath with rings of dirt around the bathtub and mold on the caulking. The same goes for showers. Scrub all that soap scum off the walls and floors and if you have a glass shower door that you have neglected maintenance on, check at your local hardware store for products that will remove lime and build up. If the door is clear glass, then buyers expect to be able to see through it. Shower curtains and liners are so inexpensive, so put up a fresh one before your home hits the market.

A few other areas that need to be sparkling, shiny and clean is the toilet and any windows. Don’t forget about looking up as well, to the light fixtures which are usually covered in dust and hairspray. Be sure to clean the exhaust fan in bathrooms if you have one. My clients and I were recently viewing a home, and the exhaust fan was so covered with dirt, we weren’t exactly sure how any moisture when the shower was running was even able to be removed from the bathroom. If the areas around your sinks, tubs, and showers need a fresh caulking, this is an inexpensive thing to do and it certainly leaves a great impression on potential buyers. Floors need to be clean as well. Many clients take their shoes off while previewing homes, so as to not drag dirt across carpeting, so if they step onto your bathroom floors that are covered in sticky hairspray and hair, trust me, they remember things like that.

If Outdated – Update Please

If your bathrooms are out of date, try to do some inexpensive changes before putting your home on the market. Things, like switching out your light fixture to something more modern or classic and updating faucets, can make a big difference. Even hiring someone to paint the cabinetry if it has seen better days is a quick fix. Again, put up a new shower curtain and liner, new white towels and new bath rugs – little things like this goes a long way to leaving a great first impression with potential buyers.

I have pinned several bathrooms for inspiration onto a Pinterest Board to give you ideas of how you can make your bathrooms sparkle and shine, so potential buyers are impressed and not turn off.

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