Easy Landscaping Ideas

Easy Landscaping Ideas

You’ve heard the term “curb appeal.” Well you don’t need to have a green thumb to make some simple changes to your yard which will delight your potential buyers. A weekend project is all you will need to make these easy landscaping ideas and yard changes come to life.

Add Color

Seasonal flowers planted in decorative pots and containers by your front door or planted in beds in your font yard add brightness and cheer to any home.

Native Plants

Create a lower maintenance environment with native plants that thrive in your area. Spend a couple of hours at your local nursery to learn about the different types of plants that would be best for your climate. Here in Arizona, we are all about plants and trees that can withstand our intense summer heat. The plants needed in a yard in Minnesota would be very different, so tap the local resources in your community, so what you plant will thrive for your area of the country.

Outdoor Lighting

With so many solar option choices in outdoor lighting, it is easy to add a glow to your outdoor space. No electrical needed, no wiring required. Just a nice sunny spot for the solar lighting to charge during the day, to provide you with a beautiful warm glow at night. A few of my favorite places to shop for solar outdoor lighting is on Amazon, GardenersOverstock, and be sure to check out your local home improvement stores who have a great selection as well.

Garden Accents

This is such a fun item to add outside, in the way of fountains, benches and garden art, as they add interest and a sense of luxury. Match them to your outside patio furniture for a finished look and add colorful placements to your patio table and outdoor pillows to sofas or benches to really give a pop of color to your outside spaces.

Vegetable And Herb Gardens

If you wish to try your hand at vegetable and herb gardens, consider a raised bed in a portion of your yard, or plant in large pots with tasty plants. Here in Arizona, shading these types of plants during the summer months is so important with our triple digit heat, but with plenty of shade and lots of watering, vegetable and herb gardens can thrive. If you choose to plant in large pots, it makes it easier to control how much sun they receive, if they are placed under patios or awnings.

BBQs And Patio Furniture Sets

While these items are more expensive, adding furniture arranged to showcase that your home has an outdoor lifestyle will appeal to buyers and enhance your outside living spaces. Good quality patio furniture is an investment, so be sure to clean and take good care of it, so you can get a long and useful life out of it.

As the weather becomes cooler here in metro Phoenix, buyers naturally spend more time outdoors. Give your potential buyers a reason to imagine themselves enjoying time in their new home including the outside spaces you’ve showcased for them.

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