Expectations When You List Your Home

Expectations When You List Your Home

After all of the preparation required to list your home, you are probably ready to relax and wait for offers. While most of the hard work is done, it is important to keep in mind things that you may run into during the sale process. As you begin to welcome potential buyers into your home, here are a few expectations when you list your home you should know.

You Might Feel Like You Live In A Museum

You may have spent a great deal of time cleaning and de-cluttering, but now you are going to need to maintain that cleanliness. Potential buyers are going to expect a home that is as neat as the listing photos they saw online, so it is important to meet their expectations.

Now that you have officially listed your home, maintenance is necessary. There may be showings where you don’t have time to do a full deep-clean, so choosing to keep your home in ‘show-ready’ condition will help reduce any stress about the appearance of your home for a showing. You should be able to accomplish this in 30 minutes or less.

There Will Be Some Inconveniences

Now that you’ve realized your home needs to be ‘show-ready’ at all times, you might be starting to think that there could be an inconvenience or two during this part of the home selling process – and you would be absolutely correct! While your real estate agent will be helpful in this process, you may need to switch around plans during the evenings or weekends when you are typically home so that your home can be shown without you in it. I always advise my clients to have a few plans determined where they can escape to on a moments notice. That could be a nearby restaurant, relative or friend’s home, mall, etc.

Expect To Hear Critiques And Criticism

This is often the main thing that first-time home sellers struggle with, and really all sellers in general. Sellers almost always ask for feedback as soon as a showing has finished, but it is not always easy to hear the issues a potential buyer may have with the home you have created. While some criticism can feel insulting, it is important to remember that it is not personal. This might help…when you put your home on the market, it becomes a business transaction, so if you can think it more along those lines, your feelings will not be hurt as much. Potential buyers are not trying to hurt your feelings, they just want to picture your home as their own. Your agent can be a key part in buffering criticism. A great agent will be able to take suggestions from potential buyers and relay it to you in a way that is helpful and constructive.

Home Maintenance Will Be Crucial

While maintaining home cleanliness is important, you will also need to keep up with maintenance tasks and issues. Your lawn will need to be mowed, your heating and cooling systems need to be operating properly, as well as any appliances that will be staying when your home sells. If something breaks, please fix it. If the kids put a hole in the wall accidentally, get the handyman there to patch and paint. If the car leaks oil on the garage floor after it was just changed, clean up the oil so potential buyers won’t slip while touring your home.

There Can Be Some Additional Expenses

After you’ve accepted an offer, the escrow and closing process will begin. There will be home inspections and final walk-throughs, and this can bring about issues that may need to be resolved before the sale is closed. Depending on the issue, you may need to pay out-of-pocket costs for repairs so that you don’t need to negotiate your sale price or lose the buyer and your home has to go back up on the market and wait for another contract that may not have the same terms as the first contract you accepted.

If you’re ready to sell your home and need someone by your side to guide you as you prepare to list, contact me today!

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