Extra Spaces Are Popping Up In Homes

Extra Spaces Are Popping Up In Homes

In my many years as a real estate agent, extra spaces are popping up in homes more than ever before. They are extremely popular with clients, whether they are looking for the extra space as a playroom, craft room, gaming center, homework area, office space or family room.

I love seeing these terrific living spaces, and I’m always in awe of the talent of my clients when they show me the beautiful spaces they have created in their homes. It is wonderful to see extra spaces, turned into places that have a purpose. Not only can the current owners enjoy the space, but it becomes a big selling feature that is attractive to new buyers as well, when they see how a niche is transitioned.

Do You Have An Extra Space In Your Home

When getting ready to put your home on the market for sale, clients are usually concerned with how they can still enjoy their extra spaces, without having to pack everything up while waiting for an offer. As a REALTOR®, I’d love for every client’s home to be model perfect and ready to show within five minutes.

That just isn’t realistic when you are living in your home while it is on the market for sale. Your space or room should have a purpose of what it is being used for, instead of looking like a storage space or an empty space. Inexpensive bookshelves, pretty baskets, storage boxes and a simple fabric covered bulletin board are great ways to get started to transform an extra space into something extraordinary that potential buyers will love. Many buyers need to see how a space can be used to gain ideas on how they might use the space.

Make These Types Of Spaces Shine

You want every space in your home to have a purpose that is easily identifiable to potential buyers. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and living rooms are all self-explanatory, but nooks and lofts many times turn into other living spaces and shows buyers how space can be used. I have many Pinterest Boards created, to give you more ideas and inspiration throughout your entire home, backyard, and front yard curb appeal.

So take some extra time to make all the spaces in your home shine, showing off their full potential to buyers coming through your home, trying to envision if they can see themselves making it their home!

If I can be of assistance to you or someone you know with real estate goals, please contact me to discuss if buying, selling or both are in your future for you and/or your family. Let me put my real estate experience to work for you, to show you how to get top dollar for your home.

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