Fireplace Trends

Fireplace Trends

The long evenings of the fall and winter months invite families to stay home and enjoy the warmth of their own home.

Naturally, attention turns to the fireplace as both providing extra heat and as the focal point of the room. New technology and environmentally friendly design have brought contemporary updates that are sleek, fashionable and playful.


Fireplace finishes have changed. New products such as the Cool Wall Series open a wide variety of design options by allowing a cool surface as a backdrop for finishes.


Wood burning fireplaces are back in style. Decorative spaces for wood storage are adding architectural interest to the room too.

Larger Openings

One of the leading trends in fireplace design is enlarging the viewing window of the fireplace. A simple retrofit of an existing fireplace can make a huge difference in the look of any room.

Corner Fireplaces

This popular feature of the 1990s is back with modern updates. Two or three-sided fireplaces with sleek styling and elegant accents, such as wood or metal, are providing a centerpiece for rooms to be built around.

Fireplace Walls

Linear fireplaces that stretch the length of the wall is one trend showing up in model homes across the country. Monotone colors and clean lines finish this modern trend.

While fireplaces are not as popular here in Phoenix, with our warm climate, they are certainly beautiful to add ambiance to any room, especially during the holiday season. We are also seeing more and more outdoor fireplaces here, since we can enjoy being outside most of the 12 months of the year.

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