From I Do To Sold

From I Do To Sold

Newlyweds are saying “I do” to each other, and equate to over half of first time home buyers that are also saying “I do” to their dream homes. It makes sense! When you put two hearts together, the time comes to find a home to nourish that love. A home that brings two of your places together, and makes it one. If you and your spouse are ready to fall in love with the perfect house together, here are five tips to make sure the process from I do to sold goes smoothly, and you come prepared.

1. Your Wedding Budget

Your wedding is a one-time event that shouldn’t be less than what you’d imagine. It’s a beautiful time to put all of your dream pieces together. However, it’s best to sit down and find out ways you can shift the budget to help with your down payment for a home if you plan to purchase. The average couple spends around $35,000 on their wedding. Even a savings of $5,000 of your wedding budget can help with owning the perfect home.

2. Wedding Gifts

Wedding bliss comes with wedding gifts. Let’s admit, one of our favorite times during the wedding season is all of the gifts that come pouring in! Have any friends or family pitching in cash? Save that to put towards your down payment. And depending on the generosity of your gifts, you can even open an account dedicated to your down payment, that friends and family can gift to.

3. Get Pre-Approved 

One of the least brought up conversations in relationships is the credit and financial history of your soon-to-be spouse. Get together with a lender to go over both of your financial histories to know what needs to be done to put you in a position to own a home together. In some cases, only one person can get approved, while the other can’t. If you want to put both of your incomes toward the cost of the house you want, talking to a lender early on can ensure you are prepared to make the right moves. If you are in need of an outstanding lender, I have a few amazing ones I highly recommend.

4. The Right Agent  

That’s where I come in! For starters, as I mentioned above, I can connect you with a lender who I trust, to ensure you are being watched over and will receive the best recommendations from. And it’s an absolute joy to take the stress out of buying a home for my newlywed couples. We all know how stressful, although joyous, a wedding can be. To then jump into buying a house during the wedding planning or shortly after the wedding, well, it’s certainly a lot to get through. But I can guide you through all of the steps to make sure you end up with a house you love. Just think of me as a wedding planner, except for homes.

5. Now There’s Two 

Although some spouses are a match made in heaven, loving and adoring the same exact things, often times that’s not the case with most couples. You still are your own persons and have your own tastes. This is where the first step to compromise really begins. Spending a good bit of money on a place you both will love and call home. A happy marriage starts with a happy home, so be sure you both are considerate of each other’s wants and needs in style and location, so you both are happy with the home you end up purchasing. I’ve had couples on absolute opposite ends of what each wants in their new home more times than I can count. We have worked together to find common ground, such as both wanting a big backyard with a pool, and then compromised on the features of the inside of the home, or finding a middle point in location both were happy with.

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