How Your Garage Can Sell Your Home

How Your Garage Can Sell Your Home

You may be asking yourself, how your garage can sell your home? The importance of how you present and organize it, can play a key role when selling your home and here is why. When I’m touring homes with clients, the most important spaces in the home to most guys after making sure there is space in the great room or in the man cave for a big screen TV, is the backyard and garage. Unless the guys are chefs they usually aren’t as concerned with the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms or if the washer and dryer are inside the home.

What Is The Importance Of Your Garage

The garage is another one of those spaces whereas a homeowner you can really shine and set your home apart from your competition. For buyers, the garage presentation and organization is where you can make a particular home “the one” they wish to make an offer on. While it is common for many clients to have packed boxes that are ready to be moved to their new home stacked in the garage, some of my clients do not like when they can’t see the condition of the garage floors (are they covered in oil stains or have excessive cracking?), if the garage walls have damage, how many electrical outlets are available for tools, an extra refrigerator, etc., so when you are selling your home please don’t forget about this very important space.

How Do You Set Your Home Apart

A few years ago I sold my personal home. The garage was clean and featured two and a half garage spaces which appeals to lots of buyers, just having that extra half car garage for trash cans, a work bench and storage that you don’t have to share with and maneuver two cars around day in and day out and it was a feature I wanted to highlight. I wanted to stand out from my competition, so for the cost of two gallons of paint along with about 8 hours of time between a Saturday and Sunday, I painted the garage walls a terrific shade of light gray. After living in the home for over ten years the walls had gotten scuffed up here and there, and how nice it was to drive into the garage when the painting was finished. It was crisp, clean, felt like a brand new home, and I was pretty sure I was the only home in the neighborhood that had a custom painted garage. I also spent a few dollars and put up brand new tool racks and hooks that the new buyers could enjoy. In addition I power washed the garage floor so it was sparkling clean and not covered in mud and dirt. I had self standing garage racks next to the trash cans that I would be taking to my new home, so I organized all the shelves within a couple of hours, putting all items into matching plastic tubs with lids and labeling each one. When I was done, I stacked them neatly back on the shelves and the garage was totally organized and showed the new buyers how much space was really available. My home was on the market for just 16 days, and the new buyers indicated they loved the garage. For less than $100 and a few hours, I set my home apart from the competition, and received a quick offer over asking price!

The Benefits

If you’d like to do some sprucing up of your garage, yard or home, then come check out all the ideas that I’ve pinned on various Pinterest boards to help you do just that. Presentation is so important when selling your home, and most buyers love when they view a home, and those little projects have all been done for them, so take some time and really make your home shine. You’ll be glad you did in how quickly it should sell and for top dollar!

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