Ideas To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Ideas To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Most people have dreamed of having a huge, relaxing bathroom where they can sink into the giant tub and unwind from the hectic day.

Unfortunately, many of us are living with smaller bathrooms which feel dark and cramped. The good news is there are tricks you can use today to make your small bathroom feel much larger.

Use Tone-On-Tone Colors

A light, airy color like white or a pale pastel layered throughout the room will create a serene environment.

Include Some Negative Space

Consider a floating vanity or cabinet with legs which allows some extra space for the eye to enjoy.

Keep The Counters Clear

Remove all non-essential items and store them out of sight. Keep the countertops clear of products, appliances, brushes, etc. to provide a tidy, sleek look.


Reflection is a great way to make any room look larger. Add a large mirror over the vanity.

Glass Shower Doors

Again, the idea is to eliminate anything which chops up the view. A clear glass shower, immaculately clean, is a nice way to expand the view.

In addition, allow natural light whenever possible to make the space bright and inviting. By following a few simple tips, your small bathroom can seem larger and more spa-like.

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