Let’s Landscape That Pool

Let’s Landscape That Pool

Ready to take on the task of landscaping your pool space? You generally don’t realize the importance in the types of trees you use until it’s too late. Let’s landscape that pool, but first how about we cover a few rules that the trees around your pool should follow that will provide minimal upkeep and provide the best aesthetics.

What To Look For
  1. The trees you choose should have minimal leaf drop and not be overly messy. You want to avoid cleaning seeds, fruits, flowers, pods and dead leaves as much as possible. This task can get tedious fast, so be sure to ask your local tree nursery for the right types of trees that will be placed around a pool.
  2. Choose trees that have shallow root systems. Some tree roots can cause cracks in the concrete, wrap their roots around water lines which will cause problems with the plumbing down the road as the trees grow.
  3. Choose trees that can be preferably moved around in large growing containers. This is a terrific option if available for your space. If a container can be used instead of planting trees in the ground, you have so many more options of being able to move them around if needed and it prevents the problems that are listed above on cracking concrete or having plumbing issues due to the root system.
  4. Go with a tree that matches the theme of your decor, weather that’s tropical, Japanese, Mediterranean, desert oasis, etc. This is another terrific opportunity to ask those experts at your local tree nursery what types of trees in your particular climate they would recommend to match your backyard theme.
  5. Pick a tree that doesn’t block a view you may want to keep when it’s fully grown. This is so very important. Once a tree is fully grown, it may end up blocking a view you didn’t want blocked, so be sure to learn all you can from the landscaping experts what the tree will look like 3, 5 or 10 years down the road. Tree removal is expensive, so if you are planting the trees into the ground, and it becomes too big for your space, tree removal will likely be your only option, and you’ll need to remember you may encounter other issues on the tree’s root system.
Top 6 Favorite Trees Used In Pool Landscaping

1. Palm Trees
2. Citrus Trees
3. Banana Trees
4. Japanese Maples
5. False Cyprus
6. Floss Silk Tree

It is always recommended that you consult with a landscaping company, to make sure you pick trees that will work best around your pool for your soil and environment, taking the amount of space you have in mind for growth of the tree, so that your oasis backyard you envisioned, doesn’t turn into a forest with no views after a few years of the trees growing.

We have so many amazing landscape companies, tree nurseries and resources available here in the metro Phoenix, AZ area, that doing a quick Google Search will put you in touch with those companies who service your area of the Valley and specialize in turning your backyard pool landscaping into something you’ve dreamed about.

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