Master Bedroom Space Designs

Master Bedroom Space Designs

Bedroom space designs are another area in a home where my clients tend to either be impressed or turned off. Most of the time smaller bedrooms that will be turned into kids rooms, guest rooms, playrooms or offices can be compromised on if the rest of the home works, but one room my clients will usually not compromise on is the Master Bedroom. This space needs to be utilized well and the room should give a very serene and inviting feel.

My Professional Advice

If a Master Bedroom is small, the best advice I can give to sellers is to not overcrowd the room with furniture. Using a great example from a recent home viewing appointment I had with one of my clients, the Master Bedroom was 14′ x 14′, so a pretty nice size Master Bedroom for a home that was 1400 Sq. Ft. However, when we walked in, there was a King size bed, two nightstands, a long nine drawer dresser, two five drawer chest of drawers, a cedar chest, a quilt rack and two wing back chairs with a table between them. There might have been 18″ between the edge of the long dresser and the end of the King size bed, as a walkway from one side of the room to the other. It was so congested with furniture, my client couldn’t image the space and how her furniture may fit, with the overwhelming feeling of the room. To make things worse, the walls were painted navy blue and orange, which did not provide the serene and tranquil feel to my buyer or to me for that matter. It didn’t help that the bed was not made, there were clothes all over the floor and every surface of the furniture was filled with personal items and stuff piled everywhere.

What It Should Have Looked Like

The room would have shown so much better with: 1) A good de-cluttering of personal items. 2) A good cleaning and tidied up room with the bed made, clothes put in a hamper or hung up in the closet, a neutral and soft paint color on the walls with just the bed, nightstands and one dresser in the room. It would have felt so spacious and relaxing – a place where a new homeowner would be happy to retreat to at the end of a busy day. All the excess furniture should have been moved to the garage or to a storage unit, so the space could have shown off its best features which included crown molding, vaulted ceilings, a huge walk-in closet, new carpet on the floor and a nice Master Bathroom. Because of the presentation of the room, my client instantly moved on to another home. The seller of the home lost the opportunity to leave a wonderful first impression with my buyer by the way the home was presented, and in turn, lost my client as a potential buyer.

Not Sure What You Can Do

Do you need some inspiration for Bedrooms or perhaps some ideas on organizing to help with clutter in your home? Come check out my boards on Pinterest, where I am continuously pinning items that can help you with all of these things around your home and more.

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