Moving With Pets

Moving With Pets

Moving day can be stressful for everyone. Regardless of how carefully you plan your move, the day itself is still filled with activity and unexpected issues which can cause anxiety.

If you have pets, imagine how unsettled they feel as their environment is packed up and taken away? While nothing can prevent some stress, there are a few tips to make the move easier on your furry friends.

Prepare A Pet Kit

This should include all the necessities for your pet(s) such as food, toys, blankets, etc.

Talk To Your Vet

Be sure to talk to your vet in advance, and determine if you will need a new vet if you are moving away from your current area. Discuss any specific concerns your vet has for your pet. Your vet might even recommend a sedative.

Isolate Your Pets

There is normally a lot of action happening on moving day and probably people around your pet is not familiar with, so keep them away from the action and keep them safely contained so they don’t get injured in any way.

Transport Your Pets On Your Own

While movers often offer pet moving services, try to keep your pets with you at all time, if possible. The rumble of a moving truck, the possible shift in household goods and being in a dark truck may be extremely dramatic to your pet.

Remember Behavior Could Change

Keep pets carefully contained while moving. A scared dog could run away during a break, even if this isn’t normal behavior for your pet. They are in a different situation and routine than they are used to, so they may not act like they normally would.

Introduce Pets To The Home Slowly

Allow them to adjust to their new surroundings by slowly allowing them to move around the home. If they have a bed, corner they normally find their toys in or their bowls are typically in a particular place, place the items where they will be going in your new home, so your pet sees some items of theirs when you bring them into your new home.

Change happens, so help your pets feel secure and safe by shielding them from the craziness of moving and help them feel secure in their new home.

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