The Home Buying Process

The Home Buying Process

Buying a home might seem like a huge undertaking. It’s not something you do every day, so you might not know what to expect. Most buyers don’t.

Having a REALTOR® represent you during the home buying process can take the mystery out of buying a new home and allow you to approach each step with confidence.

1. Identify your REALTOR® and lender (your REALTOR® can help you with this.) These professionals will be your guides through the process.
2. Get a loan pre-approval and learn your budget and terms.
3. Go house-hunting.
4. Negotiate the price and terms.
5. Enter the contract period and place an Earnest Deposit.
6. Perform home inspections and do your due diligence.
7. Receive the appraisal and obtain final loan approval.
8. Review all information and remove contingencies if satisfied.
9. Close on the new home.

As you can see, buying a home is really a series of small decisions. As long as you continue to find the information you receive acceptable, you will move through the process towards the close. If not…then you will cancel and start over with another property. Buying a home is exciting and understanding the process with a REALTOR® on your side, can help you avoid unnecessary stress. How can I help you? Contact me and let me know.

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