Trends In Kitchen Lighting

Trends In Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen has always been the most important room in the home. A warm, inviting space which invites family and friends to gather and linger over great food and conversation is all about the styling and design.

Lighting is a great way to add interest and ambiance to your kitchen areas. Here are the hottest trends in kitchen lighting in 2019.

LED Lights

The advantage of LED lighting is that they are incredibly flexible and can be used in a wide variety of fixtures and locations.

Natural Materials

As in other areas of design, natural elements are headed to the lighting section. Beautiful woods, rope, burlap and other materials are now being used in light fixtures to add interest and warmth. It is a great way to pull some of the outside into your home, giving your space some unique character.


Pendant lighting has been a kitchen staple for years, but now they are being clustered together to become a design element all their own. Pendant lighting is most often found over kitchen islands or as a more casual choice for eat in kitchen spaces too.

Shapes and Shine

Sleek orb-like shapes are appearing in contemporary design plans. These beautiful lights are using crystals, beads, and metal to create bright, shiny pieces. Chandeliers are also becoming a common sight in today’s kitchens, adding an element of glamour to the space.

Lighting is essential for design. From warm tones to bright sparkle, the type of fixture your use will set the stage for a kitchen which suits your style and life. If you are looking for some inspiration in lighting design, check out the websites for WayfairLamps Plus and 1-800 Lighting where you will find many ideas for your space.

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