Tricks To Stage Your Home For Less

Tricks to Stage Your Home For Less

If you are ready to put your home on the market, you already know that how it looks can make a significant difference in the sales price.

If you are on a budget and don’t want to hire a professional stager, there are still some changes you can make which will create a big impact.


Pack up extra “everything.” Remove anything you don’t absolutely need from every room, closet and cupboard. Cluttered spaces look small and uninviting and will also give potential buyers the impression that the home is lacking in storage space, so be sure to tidy up all the storage spaces throughout the home.

Replace Items

Take a walk-through of your own home, and look for items that are worn and need replacing. Things like curtains, bedding and towels. Switching these items out with something new that has light neutral colors will help to make rooms look larger and bright. A tip for bathrooms, is to use white towels on the towel bars with a clean white hand towel on the vanity. This gives a very nice spa feel.


Painting can completely change the feel of a room, even if going from white to a soft tan or gray. Freshly painted spaces go a long way in the sale of a home, especially if you’ve used modern colors. Save your favorite team colors to paint at your next home, and stick with neutrals that are easy to decorate around. That lovely burnt orange wall in the dining room, will not be as appealing to buyers as a suede tan color will be.


A storage unit can be your best friend when selling your home. If you have too much furniture or too many belongings, pack up those extra items and move them to a storage unit while your home is on the market. Each room should feel light and airy and have plenty of space for potential buyers to walk around. If they are bumping into furniture and knocking personal belongings over as they tour your home, they are not actually seeing your home. Same thing goes for personal belongings. You’ll be taking these items with you to your next place, so packing them up now, allows buyers to see your home and imagine themselves in it.

Stage Your Home

Staging your home on your own, is easier than you think. In the kitchen, a couple of wine glasses, bottle of wine and basket of fruit on the island makes a very pleasing arrangement and gives a pop of color. 3 white folded towels on the dryer with a clear decorative glass jar of powered laundry detergent sitting next to them, make for a nice presentation. New towels in the bathroom hanging from the towel bar with decorative ribbon tied around them, makes for a lovely look.  A stack of two books with a vase with fresh flowers on a nightstand or side table brings some outdoors inside. Look for small ways as you walk around your home, that you can stage different areas of your home.

The key to staging is to edit, edit, edit. A small investment in a few storage tubs filled with books, clothes, pictures and anything unnecessary will go a long way and is very inexpensive to help you get top dollar out of your home.

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