What Kind Of Living Space Do You Love

What Kind Of Living Space Do You Love

Do you prefer the formal living room, or perhaps the family room or the hugely popular great room concept? As simple as this question may sound, I usually get some very interesting answers when I’m asking buying clients to help me determine a list of things they are looking for in their new home. Sometimes I will get with 100% certainty, that the more formal living room and a separate family room is at the top of the buyer’s list. Sometime I will get with 100% certainty, that definitely the open great room concept is the only way to go. However, many times there is a conflict over which direction is best when it comes to the main living spaces that my buyers disagree on.

Different Spaces For Different Uses

When it comes to couples, I usually have half of the couple wanting a formal living room and dining room to have space away from the kids and all their toys, where they can read, relax and entertain family and friends. The other half of the couple is usually adamant that a great room concept will allow much more wall space for the 80” flat screen that they can just imagine themselves on the weekends watching their favorite sports teams play.

While the answer to this question varies from client to client, over the years of being in real estate, more than 75% of my clients are usually seeking the open great room concept, that allows for a more casual lifestyle and a space that they will use on a daily basis, versus separate rooms that may only be used around the holidays or for special family events.

Importance Of Staging Your Living Spaces

Regardless of which floor plan concept you have, how your living space is set up during showings is a really big thing. These days, it is almost the norm in Arizona to walk into a more traditional floor plan home to show it, with a combined formal dining and living room space immediately inside the front door. Maybe a quarter of the time, there might be a few pieces of furniture or a pool table taking up the entire space, but most of the time these spaces are completely empty and my clients usually comment that it appears to be wasted space for the current owners, which translates in their minds that it would be wasted space for them.

My point is if you have spaces you are not using (especially formal living and dining rooms) that are the very first space potential buyers will see as they walk through your front door, simply make something out of the space, even if you never use the space yourself. A few pieces of furniture and a little artwork on the walls, can really help buyers imagine how they could use and live in that space, instead of giving the impression that it is wasted square footage.

If you are needing a little inspiration to make your living room, family room, nooks or great room be attractive to potential buyers, then you will find several ideas I’ve pinned to my Pinterest boards, to help give you some creative ideas for your living spaces.

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