What Makes A Home High End

What Makes A Home High-End

High-end or luxury homes are in a category all by themselves when you’re looking for a home. Most have incredible views, eccentric features, and are so large that it’s hard to picture your family living in something so grand.

But today, luxury homes or high-end homes are often misconstrued. Many listings claim a home is high-end when it doesn’t truly have the features you’d expect in a luxury home.

So what makes a home worthy of high-end status?

The Price

It goes without question that luxury homes are higher priced – it comes with the territory. You can’t have luxury features without a luxury price tag. You’ll find high-end homes in the million dollar range, but you can also find them in the $300,000 – $500,000 range too depending on the location where you live.

Larger Size

High-end homes are almost always an incredible size. Whether they have an open floor plan or closed, the number of rooms and the sheer size of each room plays a role in whether a home is luxurious or not.

More square footage leaves room for more features, such as incredible master suites, staff quarters, or libraries – something you wouldn’t find in ordinary homes.


Most luxury homes are in an area all by themselves or are at least on a lot of land. You may find a subdivision of several luxury homes together, but they aren’t going to be situated as close together as your traditional tract homes.

Many high-end homes are in an area by themselves whether in the mountains, on a beach or somewhere else where the homeowners have complete privacy.

Incredible Designs

Most high-end homes are custom-built, meaning they don’t follow the cookie-cutter design of a traditional subdivision. You may even find some luxury homes in unique shapes or styles, something you haven’t seen anywhere else because the owners built it or designed it themselves rather than following a specific plan.

Unusual Amenities

High-end homes usually have more than the standard kitchen, master bedroom, other bedrooms, family room, and living room. You may find full-size theaters, staff quarters, wine room, tennis courts, basketball courts, luxury swimming pools, or even a bowling alley in them.

Modern Technology

All high-end homes have technology that automates just about anything you need to do in a home. TVs with surround sound hooked up throughout the room, top-of-the-line security systems, Alexa wired throughout the house, speakers or radios throughout the home, and built-in vacuum systems are just a few of the features you may find in a luxury home.

Are You Looking For A High-End Home?

If you’re in the market for a high-end home, let me help you. I have many years of experience helping people just like you find the perfect home that suits their needs. I know the right questions to ask so that I match you up with the perfect home that’s not a carbon copy of other homes, but rather a home that feels like it was built just for you.

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