What Not To Do When Staging

What Not To Do When Staging

Staging a home for sale is the most misunderstood process in home selling. Creating the right atmosphere in the home, one which invites potential buyers to linger is much more than this.

When creating the right scene, it’s just as important to know what NOT to do when staging the home.

Neglecting The Deep Clean

A clean and fresh home is the very first step. If the home smells like last night’s dinner and there is cat hair in the corners, regardless of what else you do, it’s not going to sell for top dollar.

Leaving The Clutter

Of course you’re still living in the home, but it shouldn’t necessarily look like you are. When your home looks as close to a model home as possible, you are ready to hit the market, so you can get a quick offer and top price.

Keeping Personal Photos In View

Again, the goals is to create a blank canvas on which the buyers can imagine their own belongings. If they are walking around your home, and the hallway is layered with family photos, it makes it more difficult for buyers to picture this as THEIR home. Pack those types of items away (as you’ll be taking them with you) and allow potential buyers to see it as their next home.

Bright Colors

You might enjoy the purple wall and the orange carpet, but your buyers will find them extremely distracting. Neutral accents are always better. I will never forget one of the first homes that I was showing to a buyer my first year in real estate. Every room was a different color…the front room was Navy Blue, the kitchen was Sunshine Yellow, the Family Room was Purple and each of the bedrooms had their own very bright shade of color. I remember my buyer turning to me and asking how many coats of primer I thought would be necessary to cover up an entire home and paint it all neutral. It was not only distracting, but very overwhelming.

Over Accessorizing

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Let me say that one more time as it is so important – too much of a good thing is a bad thing! Too many candles, too many throw pillows, too many throws draped over every sofa and corner throughout an entire home, too many knick-knacks on every flat surface of the furniture will just distract attention. Again, pack up the majority of your items and if in doubt, keep things on the side of being more minimal, so you are showing your home in the best light, instead of shining attention on your personal items that won’t be staying with the home.

Consider investing in a professional stager or stylist who can help make your home shine.

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